Canon-, Nikon- or Sony A-Mount


The Squeezer Lens with a six elements medium format lens  (focal length 80 mm, f2.8) is focused from 60 cm to infinitiy. Tilting resp. „bending“  the lens happens out of the optical axle in any direction while focus is accomplished by squeezing and twisting. You also may extend the  range by focussing the lens itself.


We use  Volna-3 and Arsat C lenses as more or less 100 percent clones of the legendary  Zeiss Biometar. These lenses were chosen due to their wide  image circle for extreme Tilt & Shift.

Production of those lenses is discontinued, but good lenses though used
occasionally are available. Each lens is carefully cleaned and checked before delivery.

€ 295,00

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