Pentax 645, Pentax 67, Hasselblad (2000/200), Pentacon P6, Kiev 60 / 88

The Squeezer Lens 6x6 with the Leitz Hektor (120 mm, f2.5) has a focus range from 60 cm to infinity. Tilting resp. „bending“  the lens is made out of the optical axle in any direction, while focus is accomplished by squeezing and twisting. You also may extend the  range by focussing the lens itself.


The Squeezer Lens 6x6 is specially fitted to the above mentioned medium format cameras with focal plane shutter. The focal length 120 mm was chosen due to a wide  image circle fort tilting.

Production of those lenses is discontinued, but good lenses though used occasionally are available. Each lens is carefully cleaned and checked before delivery.



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