Mini Squeezerlens
Canon, Nikon, Sony A

Crop Squeezerlens
Fuji X, Sony E, MFT 4/3

Volna Squeezerlens
Canon, Nikon, Sony A

Squeezerlens Medium
Pentax 645, Hasselblad,
Pentax 67

The idea „Squeezer Lens“ (not to confuse with Lensbaby) is the result of intensive dealing with new creative approaches to photograpy with like-minded friends. Among others that leads to  pictures of the genre „Pictorialism“  – samples in our gallery.


This project has no commercial background and is more a hobby – so take part and do not reinvent the wheel.


The envolvement with Tilt&Shift, optics and mechanics resulted in two  „Squeezer Lenses“, which are exceptional in terms of optical performance  and value.


After order and payment each Squeezer Lens is manufactures individually. Please allow around 4 weeks delivery time.